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To Inspire the Next Generation of Leaders, Dreamers, and Thinkers

Change My School is where the line between learning and teaching disappears. Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you don’t have inspiring insights, ideas and abilities to offer your community and your world. People just like you are doing it every day. Now there’s a place for your thoughts and talents to be seen, heard, appreciated…and rewarded.

Our vision is to inspire the next generation of leaders, dreamers and thinkers by giving them a place to inspire each other. Change My School is a forum for students, teachers, and education filmmakers to add their voices and visions to the conversation. It’s also a place for your peers and the whole world to watch, listen and learn what you really care about.

This is not just another video sharing website. It’s a website for kids, young adults, and teachers who want to say, show or achieve something important. Our ultimate goal is to have individuals from all 50 states upload videos and make substantial impacts on their schools and communities.

How It Started

Change My School started in Washington State, not long after Bryce Anderson visited his wife at work and watched her teach her second grade class. Inspired by the intelligence and imagination of her students, Bryce founded Change My School on the belief that every student and teacher in America should have the opportunity to display his or her curiosity and creativity – and help their school in the process.

At some point in your life you’ve probably come across a book, movie or other form of media that inspired you. This is your chance to give people a reason to laugh, believe in themselves or imagine a better tomorrow.

If you want to see change, sometimes you have to create it. Expressing yourself and giving back to your school and community is a great way to start.